Updating app v applications

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While manually sequencing Reader, after the OSD files have been edited to incorporate the three new policies (and to set LOCAL_INTERACTION_ALLOWED to true), the package must be reopened in the sequencer, and saved. Specifically, Hunspell provides two manifests in order to facilitate dynamic loading.Otherwise, the policy change is not reflected in the published package. The first manifest, loaded by Reader itself, contains a reference to the second manifest, which is loaded by When our devs package updates to this App-V package they do a net new build of the app-v package, not a revision update.

For more information about editing an existing package, see How to Modify a Virtual Application Package (App-V 4.6).In this article I'm describing the steps for updated a App-V virtualized application.When the update actually exist of introducing a complete new version (for example Office 2003 to 2007) most times a new package will be created.Just like creating a new package the package guidelines apply to upgrading an App-V package. Copy the package from your App-V content directory to the local disk of the sequencer, so you don't directly edit the production version of your virtualized application.The next step is to start the Application Virtualization Sequencer.

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