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The values are probably kept as numeric values no, so you could set the total textbox with the total, formatted as you choose. I tried to call the function I made (addition()) from the datagridview doubleclick event but no changes. :( Can't you just compute the total at the moment you populate the fields based on the values that are passed by the dgv?This eliminates the possibility the end-users will incorrectly enter the values.The refining of the data is done later, when the data is passed to another layer for processing.Should this validation be done in the business layer or in the middleware component of a multi-layer application?Some checks are business rules and thus conceptually they must be done in the business layer of the multi-layer application or in the server-side of a client/server application.

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Text Box Friend With Events txt Last Name As System.

Hi Calin, I'm sorry, but there is no other way to implement this functionality.

The only way to achieve this task is to handle the Bar Control's Click event and force the active editor validation.

After I leave each textbox where I typed in those values, they become '2,000.00', '3,746.50', '890.00', and '567.34'. I have no problem with this, but I do have a problem when it comes to viewing of records.

Whenever I try to view a previously saved record, the six textboxes get filled up with values (based from what was saved in the record) but they don't automatically sum up ('Total' displays the last inputted text and not the sum of the current values in the six textboxes). Validating Dim Len Str As String = Len(txt Amount2.

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