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Welcome to the world of computer-assisted self-bondage (LINK IS VERY VERY NSFW! Using Arduinos, Heath Robinson-esque contraptions involving keys held in CD trays, and Bluetooth-enabled electrostim machines, men and women have programmed their own doms or dommes.

A truly merciless dominant who will randomly please or hurt, and there's nothing the user can do about it.

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“You i everything else,” Bob told Alice after the first exchange.

“Balls have a ball to me to me to me to me to me to me to me,” she said, echoing her earlier comment with a small change.

“It’s perfectly possible for a special token to mean a very complicated thought,” Batra said.

But early this morning, Malik Obama took a break from yelling at the “thots” (which I had to look up because I’m not hip to the troll lingo, apparently) and the “cucks” and his general anti-semitism and from warning us all of the dangers of citrus— This statement was preceded by a number of questions about different types of anime, asking (either by way of awkward, aggressive conversation starters or because he actually didn’t know but still wanted to have very loud opinions—honestly, neither would be surprising) for definitions of various hyper-sexualized terminology, such as “hentai,” “loli” and all-types-of-phobic terms (e.g.

Okay, well, I suppose this was a fine, if totally nonsensical, distraction–but we can’t all spend our days prepping for a major press conference on the war in Syria (you know, like this guy’s brother was doing at the very moments of these tweets). I sincerely apologize for this rabbit hole of awfulness.

But at least his feelings on anime aren’t quite as horrific as his thoughts on literally everything else. Please continue about your day when you’re finished rage-vomiting.

If you need Malik for any reason, he’s back in his safe space, calling journalists cucks.

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