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Controle o jogo com o mouse, conversando com os personagens que encontrar pelo caminho.Para conquistar a garota, dê presentes e leve-a para jantar. Like all harem anime protagonists, he has a deep, dark secret (oooh, the suspense ... Nemu, his "sister", isn't actually blood-related to him! And this show is made even more so by its cramming of popular anime cliches into twenty-six episodes of mediocrity. First off, our male lead, Junichi, is a loser, just like every other harem anime protagonist out there.Do this by building your relationship with the girls on board.To build your relationship with the girls you can talk, give gifts, date them and even fight them. Dans ce jeu au lieu d'avoir une vue sur une carte, vous cliquerez sur les flèches afin de vous diriger, ainsi vous serez dans la peau même du personnage.Ce jeu possède en outre des codes que vous obtiendrez au fil du jeu, qui vous permettront de finir celui-ci avec chacun des 6 personnages. il est trés facile voila les code naruhaseyes: Jouez avec Narueva4hidden: Secret d' Eva4theincredibleyou : Tout au Maxallyourmoves: Avoir toutes les technique de combatrainbowsrgood: déshabiller Shinoburandomamv: Crédits au hasarsofarsogood: covesation avec Kaloamoneygrowsontrees: Beaucoup d'argentsmotokoismotoko: déshabiller Motokohellissprings: Le bain est l'enfersmashwatermelons: déshabiller Mitsumicrazygirlmot: toutes les images de Motoko de elle lorsqu'elle est dans son bain.

This, of course, is supposed to be funny and comedic. Each episode generally has one girl with our main guy who tries her best to charm him through something.Asakura Junichi is a young boy who lives on the island of Hatsune, an island where the cherry blossoms are always in bloom (yeah...). And to make him "unique" and "kewl", he has some special powers, which consist of making sweets with his hands (woooow, cooool-not) and seeing other people's dreams for no apparent reason. And then more arrive, all of them infatuated with Junichi. And on top of that, he has some fuzzy feelings about her and she has some fuzzy ones for him.And these girls are all a bunch of cardboard cutouts.Sakura, the first girl, was close to the Asakuras but moved overseas, only to return later. Moe is just like Osaka from Azumanga Daioh: She's slow, spacey, and is completely obsessed with a certain thing (in this case, it's nabe, a hot-pot dish).

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