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Hopefully, in updating this clear and useful book, we have been true to their spirit of love for the very special wildlife environment of New York City, continuing to make the birding information accessible to all.

Few people associate New York City with wildlife or birdwatching, but the truth is that in the City's parks and green spaces, and along portions of the 578-mile waterfront, you'll find some of the best places in the world to watch birds.

Birdwatching often involves a significant auditory component, as many bird species are more easily detected and identified by ear than by eye.

Most birdwatchers pursue this activity for recreational or social reasons, unlike ornithologists, who engage in the study of birds using formal scientific methods.

In spite of abundant evidence to the contrary, they cling to time-honored myths about the billion library market, thereby depriving themselves of substantial revenue.

Other houses, as diverse as Doubleday, Wiley and Greenwood Press, have recognized the long-term revenue potential.

In North America, many birders differentiate themselves from birdwatchers, and the term birder is unfamiliar to most lay people.

At the most basic level, the distinction is perceived as one of dedication or intensity, though this is a subjective differentiation.

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We then proceeded to update each birding location in New York City, working with knowledgeable naturalists, many of whom provided information for the book in 2001.

are birds of the roughly 393 species in 92 genera that make up the order Psittaciformes, found in most tropical and subtropical regions.

The order is subdivided into three superfamilies: the Psittacoidea ("true" parrots), the Cacatuoidea (cockatoos), and the Strigopoidea (New Zealand parrots).

Most parrots exhibit little or no sexual dimorphism in the visual spectrum.

They form the most variably sized bird order in terms of length.

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