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He has been in 15 gun battles and shot eight perps, including the four he killed.

’ “My partner fires one round, and the guy grabs his shoulder. I run up and am standing right over him, and he starts to lift his hand up, and I shoot him right in the head. For that battle, and the three other men he killed when they tried to murder him in the line of duty, Friedman gave himself something else, a tattoo on his right trigger finger that reads: “Justified 4X.” Friedman , now 66, is the most decorated detective in the history of the NYPD.

Why did you decide to make an Instagram account like this?

I’ve been a fan of Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) for a few years now and he had never date publicly or dated anyone in the public eye, so when I started speculating that he (Abel) was dating Bella, it came as a surprise.

He moved to C/C language and published 10 more games under the Winter Wolves label, then opened a new company, Tycoon Games, on which he has published 6 games: the space war game Supernova 2: Spacewar, the dating sim game Summer Session, the visual novels Heileen and Bionic Heart, College Romance: Rise Of The Little Brother, and Spirited Heart.

For the games Summer Session and Heileen, he moved away from C/C to embrace Python programming language and in particular the tool Ren'Py.

But true XO fans—as Abel Tesfaye's followers refer to themselves—already knew about these two long before the rumors started circulating about them in the mainstream and tabloid press.

To get inside the obsession, we traded DMs with the anonymous proprietor of @abelxbella about the real timeline of The Weeknd and Hadid's relationship, and how they were on the trail before anyone else.Samson (O’Brien) returns to his hometown of Bruncliffe in the Yorkshire Dales after having been dismissed from the police force.Wanting something purposeful to do while he clears his name, he decides to set up the Dales Detective Agency.Treble thought of herself as an underground detective.A palaeoclimatologist, she was studying caves as a way of reconstructing Earth’s past. Treble’s eyes gleamed as she realised how special this stalagmite was.

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