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As the discoverers approached the submerged wreckage, they couldn’t have known what lay beneath the surface would reveal a twisting tale of drug smuggling, murder and an alleged FBI cover-up.It all came to a head near Panama City on a night so cold it snowed — Jan. The operation had been taking shape for months, according to court records, as FBI officials devised a plan to have 20 tons of Columbian marijuana delivered via “The Gunsmoke” to Sandy Creek in an attempt to apprehend a reputed drug smuggler.The show ends off with our very first Skype interview featuring Jim Norton.Happy New Year - we'll see you again on January 5 with all...PANAMA CITY — After almost 40 years behind bars, a conspirator to one of the most infamous murder cases in Bay County’s history has been granted parole.David Monroe Goodwin, now 70 years old, was approved for parole Wednesday for his role in the January 23, 1977, quadruple homicide known as “the Sandy Creek murders.” He was the last person to remain incarcerated in what started as a clandestine FBI pot smuggling operation that escalated into the killings of two men and two teenage girls after the group stumbled across it.

It started with only a sliver of the 70-foot shrimp boat known as “The Gunsmoke” peering from the waters about 20 miles off Egmont Key, near Tampa Bay.

She and Mel eventually connect by Skype call: The next day, Sandy is back in delusional mode, claiming she sees herself “shapeshift all the time now”.

She also makes allegations against the son of the elderly man she cares for.

Yesterday we looked at some of the warning signs that Sandy was suffering from serious mental health issues. All right, this is going to be a long one, so fasten your seatbelts and settle in.

We begin in early January, with Sandy bringing Mel a “proposal” that’s been made to her.

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