Updating a sql recordset using php gay dating script

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and then when you fetched that in each iteration, then you can use another script task to read that class and spread values into multiple package variables. Starting with SQL Server 2005, SQL Server allows specifying ordering columns from tables in the FROM clause that are not specified in the SELECT list. NET code without using data sets and this will save memory consumption, because arrays use much lower resource and memory than dataset.So as a conclusion is should say that; I agree that you can do much more with ADO than Variable enumerator, but you should consider performance sometimes and you may go to use Variable Enumerator then.

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If column names are aliased in the SELECT list, only the alias name can be used in the ORDER BY clause.

There is no need to do global $variable; to access it within functions or methods.

Be carefull with $_SESSION array elements when you have the same name as a normal global. But setting $wppa['elm1'] to another value or referring to it gives unpredictable results, maybe 'value1', or 'newvalue1'.

Anyway Could you tell me which book should i take a look for the first time? Thank Anyway,would you like tell me where should i pick up that book"Database Programming Make Easy"? hi i am already design the code using 2005 for insert data in the table , but when i am again run that program then all the previous value of the table will delete and again newly entry value are store in table my code: Imports System. Ole Db Public Class Form1 Dim con As New Ole Db Connection("Provider=Microsoft.

I started in from beginner,but I don't where should i begin. ...adding record in table updating retrieving and deleting..in advance... Startup Path & "\raghu1stdb.mdb") 'Dim da As Ole Db Data Adapter Dim da As New Ole Db Data Adapter("select * from table1", con) 'Dim x As String = "select *from table1" ' da = New Ole Db Data Adapter(x, con) Dim ds As New Data Set, dt As New Data Table, dr As Data Row Dim i As Integer Dim bm As Binding Manager Base : Dim cb As Ole Db Command Builder Dim cm As Ole Db Command Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As System. Select Command = New Ole Db Command(x, con) da = New Ole Db Data Adapter(x, con) ds = New Data Set da.

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