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The most magical element of Nintendo's new Wii U console is powered by a relatively mundane piece of technology.Second-screen gaming, the ability to view full maps, menus or even play an entire game on the 6-inch screen built into the WIi U's Game Pad, is made possible by a special form of Wi-Fi.

Unlike DSLRs, which record heavily compressed files that are hard to use with video software, Video Assist records professional, 10 bit broadcast quality files such as Pro Res and DNx HR that are compatible with all leading video software so you can start editing immediately, without time wasting file conversions! Dual UHS-II SD slots Removable SDXC UHS-II, SDXC UHS-I and SDHC UHS-I SD cards.

The technology is built on top of something called Wi-Fi Miracast, which Broadcom first developed last summer.

It's a system that is specifically designed to deal with interference issues while maintaining liquid fast two-way communication.

If he could choose, his superpower would be ability to instantly fix bad photos on dating sites. Working at the beach, at the office or under the bridge is not a big problem for him. She is the Sun of our company and without her we would be orbiting without any order. If you visit our office, be prepared to leave with a smile from ear to ear. Vertex was founded as company developing WAP games.

Marius laughs the most, but he is dead serious when talking about media relations and image of the company. Therefore he is responsible for spreading our name to every corner of this humble world. Vertex launched first WAP game in cooperation with major Lithuanian mobile services provider Bitė Lietuva.

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