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If you don’t have a great body or a model’s face, you are rejected.

The site’s introduction says: “It is a meeting place which is reserved for people who, because of their attractive appearance and personal qualities, stand out from the majority.” It is a social networking site for dating and friendship.

“Dear Guest, Welcome to the most beautiful and coveted network in the U.

S.” This is the greeting you receive at a new and exclusive Internet site that has just been launched in the U. Membership requirements are very specific – you must be very beautiful or handsome.

Pictured strolling around Westfield’s shopping centre days after Christmas, cosying up on cute family meals together in January and liking each other’s selfies on Instagram in between – they can’t help but make you smile.But also in 2008, Nick dated Selena, thereby ensuring that fans would never Dating History: Vanessa Hudgens, Lily Collins* (rumored), Sami Miró* (present)Zac and Vanessa were the sweetest of steadies from around 2007 (roughly two years after they met) until 2010, after which they amicably went their separate ways.Zac was linked to Nick's new rumored flame Lily in 2012 Dating History: Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner*, Justin Bieber*Before it was all Bieber-or-not-Bieber all the time, Selena stopped a few hearts when she dated Nick, then toyed with some Twihard emotions when she and Lautner were briefly together.The X Factor‘s annual tour is due to kick off in Belfast tomorrow, but this year it isn’t the soon-to-be on stage antics causing a stir amongst fans.No, it’s the apparent budding romance between Stereo Kicks star Casey Johnson and Only The Young beauty Betsy-Blue English.

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